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Making birch syrup truly is a labour of love since it is one of the rarest gourmet food products in the world, and one of the most difficult to produce. Our 100% Pure Rocky Lake Birch Syrup and Birch Breakfast Syrup are created by tapping birch trees for their sap in the boreal forest and then reducing it to syrup using the same method as processing maple syrup.

We are a big fan of all things from the boreal forest and collect a number of Non Timber Forest Products to make into teas and other products.  There is an article in the latest issue of Cottage North that speaks to one of the medicinals - Chaga.
Our teas are available in a number of retailers throughout the province.  Sit back, have a cup of tea and read the current issue which can be found here:  www.cottagenorthmagazine.ca/current-issue.html

We are very proud of our very own Johanna McLauchlan who was named a finalist in the Women Business Owners of the Year awards! See the list of the finalists here; http://wbom.ca/site/winners



 Rocky Lake Birchworks Birch Syrup was featured at the 2015 Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment meeting in Winnipeg.  Not only was birch syrup included in registration bags, but a meal was made using birch syrup, so the participants were able to taste what a unique product birch syrup is!!

The Boreal Forest is important to us as it is our home and provides us with sap with which we make our syrup.  See the documentary on "People of the Boreal"